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The proper way to exit a maze

Written by Ope Ashiru


Enter Finn


Mechanic extraordinaire-cum-drag racer turned investment analyst is seated at his workstation, on the surface everything looks ok, he blends in fine but deep inside he feels displaced, like a fish in the jungle. He’s wondering how he got here. I imagine how- a conversation with his dad who must have  said (in Michael Corleone’s voice) ‘Son finish school, get the degree first, take it as your insurance in case this race thing does not work out you should have a fall back plan’. This was Plan B, 49th floor in one of Fortune’s top 100. Not bad at all, in fact better than most people’s Plan A. The only problem is that Finn would gladly trade his place in the skyscraper for a spot in the garage and the Armani suit for a pair of Nike Air-force One sneakers and a white T-shirt.
Finn’s phone beeps; it’s an old friend from the street races so he takes the call. Finn gets an offer that splits his person in two. Finn the analyst says no. No to leaving ninety-six grand a year after tax for a fantasy, no to joining a team with the odds against them, no to placing his bets on a street racer who has not been in a car for two years and has not even gotten an invite to the race,  no to stupidity. Finn the mechanic sees something else, a slight chance, a tiny ray of hope, maybe. Finn the analyst starts to talk but before paralysis sets in, Finn strips himself naked in the office, gives everyone at the office a piece of his mind and does a couple of other crazy things (which I won’t recommend even if you are trying to burn your bridges) then takes the elevator. By the time he meets his friend who is waiting on the ground floor Finn the analyst and his career are both dead. When his buddy asks him what the drama was all about he replies ‘I did that to make sure I don’t ever go back in there’.
In what turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime, Finn’s crew got the invite and ended up winning the prestigious De-Leon race and all the cars that competed. The victory for them wasn’t just about the prize it was about the score, it wasn’t just about the finish line it was about the journey. It was about family and loyalty, redemption and fulfillment. It was about proving a point. (Some think life is too short to spend on proving a point; I think a pointless life is a wasted one) My philosophy is simple, what’s the point? Does it matter? If yes, make it.   
Before you scoff and say Finn is just a movie character in ‘Need for speed’, remember there is a thin line between reality and the movie theatre: The screen. The screen is like a mirror, it has two functions reflection and superimposition. The movie screen is either a reflection of the society: its culture, values, ideals, and the events therein or it is a superimposition: projection of ideas or ‘products’ on the minds of the people. To tell which one it is, you have to be able to look behind the screen and read in between the scripts, exactly the place I want to be, in the producers mind. I admire movie producers because they seem to have rare insight to how life works and they also have the ‘Technology’ to convert dreams, ideas and visions into reality. If you know me you are probably smiling by now and thinking Ope loves to drift off-point……..   
Back to the point, the next time you find yourself in a situation like Finns’ or in a maze, keep it moving, and follow your heart like a compass. The paths may be crooked and the map you have might not make any sense but you have to trust your instincts because at some point the stars will align for you to take your shot. Don’t miss out. YOLO – You Only Live Once, you are not Super Mario and this is not a game. It’s the real life Matrix without the blue pill, the way out is in, all in.        


You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime


Rabbit, 8Mile 

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