Heartstrings and Keynotes

Lagos Has Changed Me

Written by Rolayo Williams


Lagos has changed me.

I never used to sleep without clothes on. Not even on the hottest nights. I had (yes, had) this theory of in case of incasity, always have something on.
Then I moved to Lagos, and I had to disprove my own theory because after a cold shower, the sweat comes back and power outage is more of a permanent situation.

Lagos has changed me.
I didn’t know a great meal of amala and abula was a luxury until I moved to Lagos. The seasoning in the soup is either to much or the soup is too cold or the amala isn’t as soft as I would like it to be. The ogufe too isn’t always as tender and definitely more pricey.
All I want is a steaming plate of amala, abula and ogufe.
But Lagos has taught me that’s asking for a bit too much.
I’ll have ewa agoyin instead.

Lagos has changed me.
I used to think what I experienced on my trips to UI from UCH was traffic, or the annoying experience on the way home to Akobo.
But Lagos has redefined traffic for me.
People drive cars without air-conditioning in Ibadan,and it’s not much of a bother;the superhero status in Lagos should have this as a qualifying factor.

Lagos has changed me.
I would never enter a bus that charged me 200 naira within the city  until I got to Lagos. That could take me round the city where I come from (OK, I’m exaggerating ). A cab of 500 naira was a decent fee until Lagos changed me. These days, I look away when a yellow taxi stops in front of me. No, thank you. I’ll rather walk.

Lagos has changed me.
They say you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it. I agree, I never thought I would think of Ibadan as “cheap”. Prices that I was begged to pay for back home, I would jump at if offered in Lagos.
Like I have learnt to do and I am still learning day by day, I am renewing my mind- putting away the Ibadan mentality and embracing the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

Lagos Has Changed Me.
I haven’t blogged in a while, but here I am.
Maybe it’s a good change after all.



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