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Things To Do In Lagos Traffic

Written by Rolayo Williams

Traffic congestion is one of the features of a major city, and Lagos being a metropolitan one doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it can be labeled the “Traffic capital” of Nigeria.
If you did a Vox populi and asked random people to list three words that described Lagos, I am certain “traffic” will be on a lot of people’s lips.
If you have ever been stuck in traffic, you will understand the essence of this post. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Devotion

I decided to try this during my morning rush to work. I usually don’t get to do a proper kick-off because I am trying to avoid traffic and get to work as early as possible. So rather than rush my prayer or Bible study, I do it on the bus ride. I listen to  messages while walking (don’t cross the road with earphones ó!) or in the bus.
So you can try this, tongue stroll(or rather drive) while driving to work or even on your way back home, listen to a message etc. Just use this extra time to connect to heaven.

2. Return those missed calls

You know those calls you missed because you were busy at some meeting, or those messages you didn’t get around replying? You could do all those whole waiting for the traffic to clear. Don’t forget to use your handsfree if you are driving though.

3. Plan

You can keep a notepad or planner or use your smartphone to take down notes and make plans while in traffic. It’s a great way to buy time when you feel like time is wasting.

4. Decorate your house

You can buy almost everything in Lagos Traffic. I once joked with my friend that if you got called for a job interview while in traffic, you could buy everything you needed for the interview in Lagos traffic – shirt, trousers, belt, tie, wristwatch, iron, extension box that works with your car etc. It’s amazing! The vendors sell wall stickers and even bath tub mats. It never ceases to amaze me.

5. Buy a book or a magazine

Get informed, get enlightened. You could buy a book, start reading it in traffic and finish it before getting to your destination. You know how time flies when you are reading a book because you are just immersed in this different world and instead of you being cranky from all the time that you have wasted.

I will stop here and let you guys add to this list. What else do you do in traffic? Tell us.


  • Sleep! Lol..done that a number of times. However my ride home isn’t as pleasant because of the type of buses that go to my area…
    Another thing one can do is preach! Get talking to the person beside you about Jesus!

  • Hi,

    I enjoyed reading this well-written post.

    Indeed, Lagos roads are like mobile supermarkets, I once heard a joke that one could leave their home stark naked and arrive at work fully clothed, as everything from cuff links to underwear can be purchased from road side peddlers.

    Lol @ “traffic capital”. All that idle time spent in Lagos traffic might as well be put to good use. I insist there’s a mermaid under the Third Mainland Bridge whose beauty depends on the length of time cars spend on the bridge, so the longer they drive through traffic, the more radiant her beauty gets. 😀

    I once wrote a post about how I pass time in traffic, do read it when you can, thank you.-

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • Great write up! Living in lagos and having to commute along a major traffic axis, I can totally relate to the post.

    Usually, I use my time in traffic to make most of my calls (with hands free of course lol). Recently, I have started listening to motivational audio CDs and have been wondering how I never thought of doing, so all this time.

    Spending approximately 5 hours in traffic everyday, efficient use of my time is key…Thanks for the post!


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