Heartstrings and Keynotes

Church – Hunting

Written by Rolayo Williams

Since I moved to Lagos,  a lot of things have changed and I have had to make some lifestyle adjustments. One major one question I get asked all the time is what church I attend.
Now anyone who knows me knows how important church is to me, not just the attendance but the word and the family. I find that I am still really attached to my church back at home; I still listen to messages and running back home whenever I can.

Since I moved to Lagos, I have attended just a few churches – Ikoyi Baptist Church, Restoration Bible Church, Elevation Church, Kingsworld International,  Household of David and Noble House Christian Centre. Quite a few right? And I have been invited to many more,some I have turned down mainly because I still don’t know my way around and I don’t want to get lost. So why is it so hard to pick one? I really don’t know.

Has anyone else been caught in this church web when they moved to a new city? Please share your thoughts, it will make me feel better to know I am not the only one in this dilemma.



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