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A time to be long, a time to be short, and a time to……

Written by Atiku Audu

The markets are quite volatile for obvious reasons. The decision by Britain to leave or remain in the EU is on the cards.

For that reason, it would make sense for traders to stay out of the markets until the decision is made. That way, you avoid sharp swings in your account.

Look at the EUR/USD pair for instance. On Thursday last week, it opened around 1.1270, then dropped massively to 1.1130, a drop of over 140 points.

It then recovered on the same day from the lows of 1.1130 back to 1.1270 . An increase again of 140 points. See screenshot below:

Sometimes, doing nothing is a strategy until calmness returns to the markets.  I wrote back in 2014 about the gift of patience and how it was important in trading.

This may be one of those times…….


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