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Coming to Canada

Written by Joe Daniels

“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.” ― Ellen DeGeneresSeriously… I’m Kidding


After waiting for about two months and two weeks, I finally got my permit to study in Canada on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in August 2012. If the visa had come 10 days later, it would have been too late. School would have resumed and I wouldn’t have been able to join the class of 2014. Surely, it was a miracle. I resigned my appointment that same day. Four days later, I left for Canada, leaving behind a girlfriend that just said “Yes” three weeks earlier. My ticket was one-way, Canada must work!

I worried about career, academics, finances and weather. Not just those, I was also concerned about the things I would miss in Naija- my friends, family, barber, waterside-pepper soup, Glover court suya, the Elevation Church and many more.

MBA in Finance wasn’t exactly a bed of roses, especially when your undergrad was in Science & Tech. Also, when you are one of three black students in a class of 320, you definitely stick out. Add to that the culture shock and you have the perfect recipe for “success”. Can you imagine, first day in class, someone tells the Prof that his logic didn’t make any sense. Oh Lawd! Yorubas would ask who prepared the pounded yam for you and told you the soup is a quick fix. Any student that makes that same statement in a Nigerian Public University graduates immediately or potentially never graduates. O.A.U folks am I lying?

Now school is all done, work has started and the future is looking bright. Looking back, I can boldly say that God has been faithful. I’ve experienced amazing successes and disappointing learning opportunities (let’s not call them failures). In short, Canada is working.

I’m Joe Daniels, a Manchester United fan. I love things I can’t afford yet like Hublot watches and fast German cars. I plan to share some of my thoughts in the coming weeks about Canada and also answer questions. Simply put, if I could do it all over again though, I would pray as if I would not plan, plan as if I would not pray. Just in case you are curious, that my girlfriend that I told you about is now my wife. Don’t you love happy endings?


Please drop your comments and ask questions.


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  • Aha! I wondered about the girlfriend!
    Congratulations! :)

    Glover court suya! 😀

    Something about missing all them barbers, hairstylists, and annoying tailors when u not in Naija!


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